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Sanitizer provider is not configured in the web.config file. Ajax Control Toolkit and HtmlEditorExtender problems.

The Problem

Today I had a hard 2 hours, and if you have found this blog post, I bet we are in the same shoes.
I was working on a ASP .NET + windows azure project, and I needed the HtmlEditorExtender  control from the Ajax Control Toolkit. I was lucky to find a control for my needs. So far so good.
I've installed the toolkit with NuGet Package manager, it added a reference to the assembly to my web.config. I've used the following code where I needed the HtmlEditorExtender:

Just to see how this control works. As you can bet ajaxToolkit is the reference to the assembly.
I've hit F5 and bam this uglyness showed up:

Details I've tried to search on the c…